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Connecting Dots


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When you buy one of these NFT's you will get immediate access to the recording of the set from that specific event. Each date of my tour has a limited number of corresponding NFT's.

For each date on the tour there will be

1 NFT listed on Ethereum and 11 listed on Polygon. 

Join my telegram group to get notified of each drop

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Why NFT's?

Blockchain technology has fascinated me since I first heard about Bitcoin in 2014. The development of smart contracts (Ethereum) opened up a whole new range of possibilities for how we can leverage this technology to exchange energy. 

The NFT offers you, the listener, the opportunity to invest in me and the music that comes through me. Not only does your NFT represent your investment in what I am bringing into the world, but it also gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into the unique vibrations that manifest through my interaction with these different spaces around the world and a wide range of collaborations with the beautiful friends I play with in these various locations.

Which Blockchain?

I have chosen to launch this genesis NFT drop on both Ethereum and Polygon simultaneously. I have done this for various reasons but primarily as an experiment to understand the landscape better and to offer options to my community.


I will be releasing 1 unique NFT on Ethereum by auction for each date. This NFT gives access to the set through an unlockable private SoundCloud link which allows the owner to download the set in lossless format. The artwork is also a unique animated version.


Simultaneously, I will be dropping 11 identical NFT's on Polygon which will give access to the owner to stream the recorded set through my dedicated NFT portal. It will only be possible to stream the set while connected to this portal with your wallet holding the corresponding NFT. I have chosen to offer more NFT's on Polygon because the transaction fees are very low and the environmental impact is also essentially 0. 


So how does this work?

The steps will be different depending on if you decide to buy an NFT on Ethereum or on Polygon. Each process is outlined here:



When you follow the link to "Buy NFT Ethereum" you will be taken to the collection for all US tour NFT's hosted by Rarible. Here you will see a list of all minted NFT's for each date that has launched already. These will be sold by auction using the 3 day time format. This means that within 24 hours of the set, that corresponding NFT will become available for bidding within that 3 day period. Simply connect your wallet to Rarible using Ethereum network and place your bid! More detailed information on how to complete this process is available here.


When you follow the link to "Buy NFT Polygon" you will be taken to a web3 portal where you will have the opportunity to connect your wallet. Once connected to polygon network you will have the ability to buy the NFT of your choice from the list of possibilities. Once you select the NFT you want to purchase you will be given the option to buy it with MATIC (native token for Polygon network) or with a Visa credit card. If you choose to buy with a credit card, you will still need your wallet set up and configured properly to deposit the required MATIC directly into your wallet. (you will see a small link below the payment options that give more detailed instructions to complete this process)

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Future Roadmap


This is the first step to explore this emerging space in a way that I feel offers value to both my community of listeners and to me and my team. My plan is to create a treasury with 50% of all funds raised through these NFT sales. This treasury will be governed by a DAO run by $MOSE token holders. The idea is to distribute these tokens to my collaborators and early supporters to create more tight knit, supportive community structures. I am moving more and more into a state of abundance and am very excited to explore novel ways to exchange energy and support the people around me including musicians, artists, management, bookers, promoters, and fans.


Join the Conversation


Do you have ideas of how to play with this technology to move energy in even more interesting ways? Join my discord server and let's explore the possibilities.

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